Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Luke Skywalker -vs- Henry V

I wish this Iframe was larger, so you could really see the document without the scrunch, but oh well. This compare and contrast exercise wasn't nearly as fruitful and I expected. Yes Luke Skywalker uses a few lines that could compare to Henry's speech, but it is minimal. Both speeches are about diving into battle. I enjoyed the play on words used in Luke's speech, "trench" instead of "breach." Which, a trench is really a type of breach, so it totally works.

Henry uses his men's fathers as the motivation for his men to fight, and discusses how the men in his army are the "noblest English." They need to fight to prove their heritage. To show the French the mettle with which they are made. On the other hand, Luke uses the pilot's lost comrades and the people of Alderaan, all of whom were killed, to inspire the other X-Wing pilots.

At the end of Luke's speech he also uses a line that is very similar to another line from King Henry V: "We three, we happy three, we band of brothers." This comes from Act IV of King Henry V from the Saint Crispin's day speech: "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers." Luke changes the word "few" to "three" but it is the same line.

And that, once again, is the beauty of this book. Doescher is wonderful at adding in all those little touches. This book appeals to Star Wars nerds, but even more so, to Shakespeare nerds. Because I doubt that many Star Wars fans who read this book picked up on all of the little subtle lines within the text. Unless you are very well-versed in Shakespeare you are going to miss things.

The moral: read more Shakespeare!

Wait a minute, did I see Christian Bale in that clip? Batman fought on Saint Crispin's day!?

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