Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finding Terrific Writing in Unusual Places: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

No analysis this time, just the beauty of some lines from this outstanding book.


     Now I am split in twain by Fate's sharp turns.
     Two paths: the one toward adventure leads,
     The other taketh me back to my home.
     I have, for all my life, long'd to go hence.
     And now this Obi-Wan hath reason giv'n
     Why I should leave my Tatooine and fly
     Unto the stars. Aye, he hath told me of
     The pow'rful Force. And yet, another force
     Doth pull me home: the force of duty and
     Responsibility. I would go hence,
     Would fly today and ne'er look back again,
     Except Beru and Owen are my true
     And loyal family. 'Tis settled, then,
     I stay on Tatooine until the time
     When I may leave with clear, unfetter'd soul.

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